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City Buildings as Non-Human Narrators: The materiality of the Mythical in Wim Wenders’ The Berlin Philarmonic

Our presentation revolves around the film portrait of the Berliner Philharmonie, written and directed by Wim Wenders in 2014 as part of the larger project named Cathedrals of Culture, a collection of six films shot in 3D, each devoted to a landmark building. In the film, Wenders allows the building of the Philharmonie to speak for itself by telling its own story of its life and experience. In what follows we will discuss the particular narrative technique adopted in this film, namely ‘non-human narration’, and the theoretical implications we see for the field of architectural geography.


Tania Rossetto


The City: Myth and Materiality ALUS and Institute of Historical Research (IHR), University of London, London, UK


29th May 2018