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Enacting Narratives as Post-Representational Cartographies of a City. Mapping Berlin through (Graphic) Creative Writing

Tis contribution aims to explore the relationship between creativity and geography (Marston and De Leeuw 2013) by suggesting that we consider graphic creative writing as a way to redraw research in cultural geography, just as “graphic ethnography” was proposed for the feld of anthropology (Dennison 2015; Ingold 2011). In addiction, through the enacting of “carto-centred” narratives (Rossetto 2014), this contribution endeavours to involve the audience in a creative writing and post-representational mapping experience (fctionally) based in Berlin.

Starting from two examples of auto-ethnographic fctions (Jacobson and Larsen 2014) I completed during separate stays in the German capital city, my frst aim is to suggest a theoretical reasoning on the potentialities of creative (graphic) narratives as generative research practices and methods in both cultural geography (DeLyser 2014) and post-representational cartography (Kitchin et al. 2013). Secondly, I will involve the listeners in the “event of the text” (Hones 2009) and lead them from a reading into a writing experience, by proposing that they become active writers of a postrepresentational cartography. If representations are recognised as performative in themselves, the peculiar “gappy” structure of comic language (Dittmer 2010) seems to further encourage a nonrepresentational approach to graphic narration, intended as a performance both in its writing and reading practices. Creative carto-centred writings seem, therefore, able to explore both diferent ways for enacting geographies (Dewsbury et al. 2002) and unexpected understandings of post-representational cartographies. As literature is able to disclose new geographies (Westphal 2011), cognitive postrepresentational maps (Caquard 2015) of a city seem to unfold from creative cartographical (graphic) narratives.


Royal Geographical Society Annual International Conference 2016 | Nexus Thinking Royal Geographical Society, London, UK


30th August - 2nd September 2016

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