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Giada Peterle

Hi, I’m Giada Peterle a Post-doctoral fellow at the University of Padua with a project entitled Urban Literary Geographies: Mapping the city through narrative interpretation and creative practice.

Here since 2016/2017 I’m also Lecturer in Cultural Geography.
I hold a MA in Literary Theory and Criticisim and since February 2017, when I discussed my thesis entitled Enacting Literary Geographies: Urban Narratives from Space Representation to Spatial Practices, I’ve a PhD in Geography.

In my research as in my life, I try to bring together my passion for all kinds of narrative forms, from literature to art and comics, with my deep interest in the ways we understand, shape and represent the places we inhabit and the spaces we traverse. Thus, a creative, interdisciplinary gaze is at the basis of my approach to urban spaces, maps and mapping practices.

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